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Licensed, Bonded & Insured—There’s a Reason They Call UsIn 1970, David Duck started a plumbing company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma known as Rooter Plumbing. BBC Rooter® Plumbing grew because it earned a reputation for good work at a quality price and for caring about customers’ homes. For that reason, Don Dwyer, the founder of The Dwyer Group family of franchises, chose to pursue Duck about taking his business nationwide.

David Duck sold Rooter Plumbing to The Dwyer Group in 1989, but he never left the company—to this day, Duck is the proud owner of the very original BBC Rooter
Plumbing in Oklahoma City. This says everything about who we are in a nutshell:

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What Is Trenchless Pipe Repair?Trenchless pipe repair is a way to repair or completely replace a damaged pipe underground without digging it up. Instead, the plumbing service professionals will dig two holes at either end of the damaged pipe. Using our Pipe Pull™ method, we drive a new pipe or pipe liner into the ground with a pointed installation head. That way, we completely resolve your issue without having to dig up the old pipe.

The new pipes we use are designed to last for 100 years and are completely compliant with all building codes. They are also designed to minimize problems in the future—they deflect roots, are chemical-resistant, and made of durable, non-leaking material.

Interested in trenchless sewer line repair? In a single visit, we can resolve your plumbing issues—call 800-941-3556 to schedule an appointment or
receive emergency service.
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