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Clogged drains and leaks in the sewer lines are every homeowner’s nightmare. Cleaning out sludge blocking the pipelines is a messy job that not every plumbing company can effectively manage. Don’t worry, BBC Rooter is here to save the day.

The top name in the plumbing service, our company offers you high-tech plumbing services such as hydro-jetting, pipe lining, and trenchless pipe replacement. Read on to learn more about the innovative trenchless pipe replacement technique we offer; why it works and why you should call BBC Rooter for all your plumbing and sewer needs.

What is pipelining?Pipelining, also known as Cure in Pipe Placement (CIPP), is considered to be one of the easiest and most viable plumbing techniques to replace sewer pipelines that are 4 inches or more in diameter. The CIPP technology involves using a comprehensive, pipe-within-a-pipe system to rehabilitate the pipes and reduce the risk of leakages and infiltration.

The process only requires minimal digging as the pipes are installed inside an existing one. The tubes are seamlessly fitted into one another so as to save on space and prevent any infiltration.

How does it work?Pipelining is a unique and time-saving technology that has simplified the rehabilitation of pipes. The pipes are not dug out and replaced with new ones; in fact the new pipes are installed inside the old ones through one excavation pit. First, our team of experienced technicians will inspect and access the exact condition of the sewer lines by performing a sewer camera inspection. Depending on what is found, hydro jetting may be necessary prior to lining.

Once the drain pipes are cleared of any debris, a resin saturated polyester tube is inserted and fixed inside the damaged pipe. After that a “balloon” is inflated inside so as to keep the pipes in a straight line. It may take about 3 hours or more depending on the topography and climatic conditions for the pipe to cure.

All about Pipe ReplacementTrenchless pipe replacement, also known as pipe bursting, is a quick and easy way to replace old damaged pipes without disturbing your garden or driveway. This method requires minimal digging. The trenchless technology includes construction methods such as tunneling and directional drilling where the pipe is drilled or jammed into the ground without digging any trenches.

The quality of your soil is a major determinant here; sandy soil, barren land with little water tables are usually suitable for trenchless pipelining as the machines are less likely to strike the drain system underground. A cost-efficient and time-saving method, trenchless pipe replacement is a smart way to reinstall the sewer lines with minimal damage to the landscape and hardscape.

What is Trenchless Technology?Trenchless pipe replacement is basically a smart alternative to digging up your lawn just because you have to change the old damaged pipes. Our team of technicians are specially trained to deal with sewer pipe lining and replacement without major damage and disruption to your property.

The method usually takes a couple of days and lasts relatively longer than other traditional solutions for pipeline rehabilitation. The technology is non-intrusive and energy efficient and it is not half as messy and complicated as the other techniques previously used for replacing pipes and drain lines.

Benefits we Offer – The BBC Rooter AdvantageOpen trenches and digging up old pipes can cause serious environmental hazards and hence not a very popular method among property owners. The trenchless method, on the other hand, is something that is not only inexpensive and durable but also eco-friendly. Trenchless pipe replacement is a revolutionary plumbing solution that has made our lives so much easier.

From changing underground pipes to dealing with internal blockages and leaks, it is applicable everywhere. The method is also recommended to clients who are renovating their drain system or just wish to get a routine check-up for any cracks or break-ins in the sewer lines underground.

Why is it necessary?BBC Rooter offers a smarter trenchless pipelining method that involves minimal digging. You don’t have to worry about damaging the landscape of your garden anymore as the pipes are restored internally thereby preserving the condition of your landscape. Our pipelining solutions are now available to both commercial and residential properties.

BBC Rooter offers a custom made plumbing plan that is made especially for your property. Our team of professionals analyze each and every aspect of your drainage system and offer only quality, salient, and long lasting solutions.

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