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From fixing leakages to unclogging drains, BBC Rooter is the one stop solution to all your plumbing problems. It all started back in 1996 when Bobby Behzadi started a small plumbing company, running it with just one truck on his own.

One of the primary services that we offer clients is hydro jetting, a powerful and efficient solution to clean sewer pipes and drains. Read on to know more about our smart hydro jetting solutions and how it works towards cleaning the toughest drain clogs.

What is hydro jetting? Clogged drains, rusty pipes, and jammed sewer lines are a nightmare no one wants to face. Roots, sludge, slime, and bits of debris often block the drain and can create a mess if remained unchecked for a long time. Hydro jetting helps you get rid of all the mud and other impurities that restrict the proper flow of drain water.

Best described as a more aggressive form of power washing, Hydro jetting is the process that uses high-pressure water jets on internal pipes effectively washing away the grease, mud, and other debris that have accumulated in the sewer lines over time. Hydro jetting is a more robust and comprehensive cleaning method that guarantees positive results.

Need for hydro jettingIf you are noticing recurring clogs and jammed sewer lines in your plumbing system, it is probably time for you to consult a plumber. This is where BBC Rooter comes into the picture. Our hydro jetting technology uses high-velocity water jets at 4,000 psi and 18 gallons per minute to burst through severe open blockages, and wash away the debris, soap, and sludge along the interior lining of the pipes.

Moreover, unlike other traditional methods that scour only the top layers of dirt, hydro jetting scrubs away the nastiest of grease lining back to the very base of the sewer lines.

A very reliable drain cleaning technique, hydro jetting also saves your money. You do not have to replace the pipes every time the drain clogs. Hydro jetting is designed to help prevent future build-up of wastes without damaging the pipelines and internal sewer system of the area. With regular hydro jetting cleaning you can boost the longevity and performance of the sewer pipes considerably.

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